Your First Aid Annual Refresher Made Easy

You’ve completed your Paediatric First Aid or First Aid at Work training (or even our Paediatric First Aid and First Aid at Work combined course!) and before you know it, a year has passed, and it’s time to undergo your recommended annual refresher training.

But, is all as it seems?

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Join the refresher revolution

At GEM Compliance Training, we completely understand why you would choose not to complete your annual refresher training; not only is it optional but it’s an additional time and cost commitment. However, we are also big believers in keeping up-to-date with the latest first aid techniques, procedures and advice.

Taking all this into consideration, we’ve teamed up with Thunder and Lightning Films, to create a comprehensive series of bite-size video modules. These are cleverly designed to refresh the first aid skills you learnt when you attended our training course, in the comfort of your home or workplace

Become a better first aider

Available exclusively to those who have completed their original Paediatric First Aid and/or First Aid at Work course with us, a link to the video training will be emailed directly. This will be approximately 6 weeks prior to the annual refresher date in year 1 and 2 with formal requalification required in year 3.

It’s not compulsory for you watch the videos and complete the quizzes but if you want to ensure you’re fully up-to-speed with the latest first aid developments, should you need to administer your skills in an emergency first aid situation, we would certainly recommend it.

The videos can be watched and the quizzes can be completed at your own pace, in your own time, with each module lasting a matter of minutes. You can even watch them over several days or weeks as your progress is tracked and saved. Obviously, this is purely knowledge-based refresher training, but as the annual refresher is only recommended and not mandatory, this is a good way to refresh your first aid knowledge without having to take time out of the organisation to attend a First Aid Refresher in a classroom.

Keep an eye out for your annual refresher training reminder and exclusive access to our online video training. We’ll also be posting some of these video modules in our forthcoming newsletters.

For the time being, here is one of our new video modules where our trainer Alice takes you through the topic of Anaphylaxis 👇