Millie’s Mark: Paediatric First Aid for Nurseries

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millies-markMillie’s Mark: Paediatric First Aid for Nurseries

When a parent leaves their child in the care of your nursery, they are placing their trust in you to ensure that their child comes to no harm. Does your nursery have the best First Aid provisions in place to provide parents with the reassurance they need?

To serve as a reminder of the importance of First Aid, Joanne and Dan Thompson, who lost their nine-month-old daughter in a choking incident at nursery, have set up the charity Millie’s Trust. The aim of Millie’s trust is to make First Aid training available to everyone – no matter who you are or what your financial situation is.

The launch of Millie’s Mark

This month, Millie’s Trust has taken things one step further in helping to improve the First Aid provisions of nursery providers by launching Millie’s Mark – an official accreditation and special endorsement that is awarded to nursery providers in England whose staff have ALL been trained in Paediatric First Aid care.

Paediatric First AidThe guidelines set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) currently state that at any childcare setting in England only ONE person is required to hold a current Paediatric First Aid certificate – they must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present. Like many other parents, Joanne and Dan do not believe this is a sufficient and hope that Millie’s Mark will encourage nursery providers in England to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

The benefits of having a team who are 100% trained in Paediatric First Aid are obvious but as a nursery it shows that you are putting the children first and doing everything you can to ensure that they will all receive the maximum Paediatric First Aid care possible, as soon as possible, should it need to be administered.

Choosing a provider

When it comes to choosing a First Aid provider, Millie’s Mark do not have a preferred supplier for Paediatric First Aid, with nurseries free to choose a provider of their choice.

If you’re a nursery looking for a Paediatric First Aid provider in and around the Bradford, Bingley,  Keighley and Skipton area, here at GEM Compliance Training, we run regular accredited Paediatric First Aid Level 3 public courses. Meeting Ofsted and EYFS requirements, the public courses are available to schools, nurseries, pre-schools and small groups, as well as individuals such as self-employed childminders. Everyone is welcome!

Alternatively, we can arrange to deliver our Paediatric First Aid Level 3 course in your workplace to groups of 6 or more. We can run the course at a time to suit your needs, whether that’s during business hours, on an evening or a weekend.

Paediatric First Aid 4For more information on our Paediatric First Aid Level 3 courses, please visit:

If you would like to find out more about Millie’s Mark and view the full criteria for achieving the accreditation, please visit:

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