iPAD SP1 AED (Fully Automatic) Defibrillator


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Product Code: DL0126

The iPAD SP1 by CU Medical Systems has been designed with minimally trained individuals in mind. CU Medical systems are renowned for their innovative and high quality defibrillators, and the SP1 is no exception!

Rigorously tested and endorsed by the British Heart Foundation Part Funding Program (BHF) the SP1 is the preferred choice of defibrillator to help save lives!  


Key features include:

  • Built in Adult/Paediatric switch which automatically alters the shock strength without having to change electrode pads (Adult – 150 joules, Paediatric – 50 joules). The switch is housed under a safety cover to prevent accidental switching.
  • Automatic Shock button for easy use
  • Integrated pad storage to allow for easy access
  • Voice prompts and flashing indicators guide the user through CPR and defibrillation, with built in Ambient Noise Detection (auto volume adjusting up to 90db) and Metronome (this feature can also be turned off if required).
  • LCD indicator highlights the device, battery and pad status.
  • Automatically senses when pads are due to expire of when connection has been lost and alerts the user.
  • Built in CPR Sensor to encourage responder to continue/perform CPR.
  • “I” button provides an Ambulance Handover which will detail to the arriving paramedic how many shocks have been administered and how long for.

Key Specifications

  • Durable device with an IP Rating of 55.
  • Fully Automatic
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Electrode Pad Life of 3 years from date of manufacture
  • Disposable Lithium Battery Capacity: maximum 200 Shocks/ 5 Years
  • Charging Time – Less than 10 seconds
  • Charging time after CPR – 6 Seconds
  • Weight- 2.4 kg
  • Can be programmed if CPR protocols are altered.

Comes complete with two sets of pads, rescue ready kit, a disposable battery, user manual and a FREE CASE!