Is your First Aid provision correct in your workplace?

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As a well-established First Aid training provider, a common question we get asked is: “How can I know if I have the right First Aid training booked?” Generally, we inform our customers that we can not give the right answer to this question and ask them to refer to their risk assessment. In recognising the complexities of business decision-making, we understand the importance of providing valuable support. Hence, we offer comprehensive guidance to assist you in making informed decisions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Different types of First Aid

Whether you are aware or not, everyone has performed some type of first aid at least once in their life. Has your child scraped their knee? Did you clean the wound and apply a plaster? That’s First Aid. Have you ever had to remove a splinter? That’s First Aid. What about allergic reactions? Administering an Epi-pen- Yes, You guessed it! That’s First Aid too! But whatever your experience, are you aware of the difference in First Aid performed on adults and children?

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Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric first aid is specifically tailored for infants and children, recognising their distinct anatomy, psychology and potential medical emergencies. When administering First Aid to children, it is crucial to consider these various factors. Furthermore, it is imperative to be aware if your staff are aware of the different ways First Aid is administered, based on the age of the person in need. Did you know that as a general rule, Paediatric First Aid is designed to be performed on anyone from ages 0-18?

Adult First Aid

First Aid training such as First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work is primarily designed for adults and addresses injuries and illnesses that commonly affect individuals in general workplace or community settings. Did you know that as a general rule, these allow First Aid to be performed on anyone from ages 18+?

The blurred lines of Paediatric First Aid vs First Aid at Work

As we have mentioned, a common question we get asked, is: “What is the right training that we need?” Since we can not make this decision for you, we can provide you with some guidelines that can help you to make the right decision that suits your business needs.

The importance of First Aid training is imperative. For instance, some of the things to consider if you opt out of Paediatric First Aid:

  • Does your business involve any form of contact with anyone under the age of 18? By contact, we mean an umbrella term such as – interactions, visits, use of premises, or physical engagement that results in the presence of a person under the age of 18 and should be referred in your risk assessment. There is significant importance in identifying your audience. As The Resuscitation Guideline states:”The differences between adult and paediatric resuscitation are largely basedon differing aetiology. If the rescuer believes the victim to be a child thenthey should use the paediatric guidelines. If a misjudgement is made, andthe victim turns out to be a young adult, little harm will accrue as studies ofaetiology has shown that the paediatric causes of arrest continue into earlyadulthood.” (ERC Guidelines, 2021, p3)
  • The choking procedure is different for various ages;
  • Different adrenaline auto-injectors (Epi-pens, Jext etc) are used during anaphylaxic episodes, based on the person’s weight;
  • Procedure for shock varies depending on age and weight, as in children shock can develop quicker;
  • Contents of first aid kit will vary depending on who it is designed for
  • Situations such as poisoning, meningitis, sepsis and croup have different First Aid procedures, depending on the person in need.


Making business decisions is never an easy task, however, rest assured that we can provide you with a one-stop-shop solution when it comes to obtaining First Aid qualifications. Did you know we offer a Combined Paediatric First Aid and First Aid at Work course to ensure you cover all ages? Additionally, we offer various Top-ups if you change your mind last minute. Whatever your needs are, we are here to support you in your journey. The services we offer are reliable and supportive, and we keep our customers at the centre of importance. We are dedicated to removing all barriers to saving lives.

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